A trainer since 2007 Lonnie also found CrossFit in 2006 and is owner and co-founder of Southern Maryland CrossFit and Head Coach of our powerlifting team IRON CRAB BARBELL.  

Lonnie's accomplishments & PRs:

-2015 69kg Pan Am Masters Weightlifting Silver medalist

-2015 72kg USAPL American Open Masters Champion

-2016 69kg Amercian Masters Silver medalist

-4x USAPL 72kg Maryland State Record Holder 

-7x USAPL 63kg Maryland State Record Holder 

-2x CrossFit Games Masters Regional Qualifier

Lonnie has the following certifications:
-CrossFit Level 1
-CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
-CrossFit Football
-AFAP Certified Personal Trainer

Sam Fariss‚Äč

A trainer since 2004 and finding CrossFit in 2006, Sam knew this was his calling.  Sam is Head Coach at Southern Maryland CrossFit and our weightlifting team IRON CRAB BARBELL.  

Sam's accomplishments & PRs:

-snatch 280

-clean & jerk 330

-squat 420

-deadlift 540

-Fran 2:35, chest to bar 3:35

-Karen 5:35

-Isabel 1:28

-2009 CrossFit Games Regionals Athlete

Sam has the following certifications:

-CrossFit Level 1

-CrossFit Level 2

-CrossFit Nutrition

-CrossFit Football

-CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting

-CrossFit Barbell

-USAW Club Coach

-AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

-AFPA Certified Nutritional and Wellness Counselor


Tom was one of the first athletes at Southern Maryland CrossFit starting in 2008.  

Tom's accomplishments & PRs:

-snatch 240

-jerk 315

-deadlift 460

-Fran 3:03

-2009 CrossFit Games Regionals Athlete

-Bronze medalist 2016 Amercian Masters Weightlifting 85kg class

Tom has the following certifications:

Jordan reiley

Jordan is active duty in the US Air Force.  He started CrossFit in 2012 while stationed in Japan.  He started coaching youth athletes in 2013 and began coaching CrossFit in 2014.

Jordan's accomplishments and PRs:

-2013 & 2014 CrossFit Games Regionals Athlete

-2013 Ironman Hokkaido athlete

-"Fran" 2:35

-"Grace" 1:50

-snatch 245

-clean and jerk 295

Jordan has the following certifications:

-CrossFit Level 1

-ISSA Personal Training Certification


Amy is the Aquatics Manager for Charles Co. Public Schools and was a PE teacher from 2007-2014 after gradating from University of Utah and serving as a graduate assistant for the Kinesiology Dept. at Boise State. Amy found CrossFit in 2013 to help her become the most jacked teacher in Charles County.

Amy's accomplishments & PRs:

-Silver medalist 2016 American Master's Weightlifting 63kg class
-snatch 115

-clean & jerk 145

-deadlift 295

-"Fran" 4:13

Amy has the following certifications:
-CrossFit Level 1
-B.S. in Exercise Science
-Maryland State Physical Education Teaching Liscense


Chuck is an engineer by day and strength athlete by night.  Chuck has been an anchor on numerous teams for us and is assistant coach for our powerlifting team IRON CRAB BARBELL and also runs some of our Powerlifting Supplemental Classes.  Chuck found CrossFit in 2011 looking to improve his skills as a grip athlete.

Chuck's accomplishments & PRs:
-2015 Maryland State Powerlifting Champion 105kg class
-squat: 468.5lb
-bench: 286.0lb
-deadlift: 507.1lb

Chuck has the following certifications:
-USAW Sports Performance Coach
-Starting Strength Coach Seminar 

-USAPL Club Coach