Tell me about your program.

Not at all a question, but something we hear often.  The best way for you to think of what we do is a fitness classroom.  We will be teaching you about fitness.  We want you to know what you are doing and why.  You do not have to know anything about the movements you will be doing, because we have time tested progressions to learn these new movements whether they be with a barbell, a dumbbell or kettlebell, or your own body.

Tell me more please.

Again, not a question; but here goes.  We are a strength biased CrossFit gym.  That means we believe that just getting you stronger will make you better.  Don't worry ladies, simply touching a weight will NOT make you look like a man.  But consistently touching weights combined with using them correctly with big ranges of motion will make you look lean and athletic.  Our class times will take you roughly an hour, but we give you 75 minutes from the 15 minutes before class we ask that you come in to 60 minutes past the listed class time.

During that class time you will go through a bodyweight warm up as a class first.  Then we move on to whatever strength movement is listed next for that day.  We use a strength template that is planned out and periodized for 6-12 weeks and fits into our larger scheme for the year.  Next we move to some assistance work for the strength or some skills that will make you better at CrossFit and life.  After all this we move to the conditioning aspect of the day which is traditionally known as the WOD.  We scale any and all parts of the class to your fitness level.  After that we cool down with some mobilization and light stretching.  

how do i get started?

You can sign up online from the comfort of your home or work here.  We get an email stating you have signed up and paid, then just show up 20 min. prior to any listed class time to fill out a standard waiver in print and you can start that same day.  If you want to sign up at our physical location, that is also fine; please show up 30 min. prior to any listed class time and we will have you sign up here and then fill out a waiver.  Or you can setup an appointment to meet with us in a No Sweat Consultation to discuss your goals and see what will work best for you here.

Why does it cost so much?

You pay a commercial gym basically for equipment rental to do what you please.  You are paying us for coaching and programming.  But really for the application of our programming to your life.  You will have a template scaled to your ability and go through this under the direction of our coaches along with your classmates.  The cost per session of our program can be as little as $9.25 per session for individuals and $8.25 for couples.  We believe that a good program can give you good results, and the bulk of our programming will be and always has been listed here for free.  But to learn the nuances and finer points of the lifts and their application during conditioning workouts, you will need to attend our box so our coaches can teach you.  

Is This something I can do?

Most likely, yes.  Even if you feel you are too old or too deconditioned, we can help YOU.  We have athletes ranging from 10 to 60+. We have had multiple clients loose 100+ lbs.  You read that correct, 100+ lbs.  With the exercise and nutrition consultation we provide you can get to your fitness goals as well.  We have worked with many athletes who were injured in the past and used barbell therapy to restore atheleticsm to them. Again everything is scaled appropriately to YOU when starting out, and we use time tested progressions to make you a better version of yourself.  If you were injured in the past, and cleared by your doctor or have completed rehab on your injury, then give us a call.  

Our coaches are some of the most experienced CrossFit coaches around.  We were an affiliate when there were less than 500 worldwide, now there are more than 5,000.  Our coaches have vast experience from spending years as certified personal trainers before discovering CrossFit, to having not only multiple certifications but actual degrees in the field, and our coaches actually walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  Our coaches compete in CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman.  Not only do they compete, they do well.  These coaches have not only qualified for National Level events in those different sports, they have helped athletes qualify for those higher level events as well.  And that is where the magic is, giving YOU evidence based results.  

Don't I need to be in shape to start?

No, the purpose of CrossFit is to get you in "shape."  We will use our program to get to the things most people want when they have inquired about us.  Those things include: 

1) Just looking better naked.  Whether or not you call this firming or toning, jacked or swole, gains, looking more athletic, etc.  Everyone knows what looking better naked looks like.  Yes we can totally help.

2) Wanting to get healthy.  Did a doctor tell you to lose weight for some reason?  We can help.  Do you need better bloodwork numbers?  We can help.  Need energy for daily life & playing with kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews? We can help.

3) Wanting to get strong.  We actually have standards for strength via moving your own bodyweight and external objects (barbells).  With so much information out there, it is easy to be confused on how to get strong.  We can help.

These three are normally just starting points, and we want the confidence you gain with us by achieving these to bleed into your daily life and make you better at your job, a better spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, a better mother/father, and foster better relationships.

How fast will I see results?

There is no magic pill or quick fix.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you snake oil.  If you are consistent and follow our nutritional advice you can see aesthetic differences in your body in as little as 6 weeks.  Most people will see great changes in 8-12 weeks from an aesthetic point of view either from inches lost and sizes dropped, or total weight lost and health indicators improved.  Quality nutrition coupled with functional exercise done intensely for YOU under proper supervision (and good form) over the long term is sustainable and moves you from sickness to wellness to fitness.

Should I just come in?

You may do that.  If you want to come in, the best way is to setup an appointment here.  That way we can give you 30 minutes of our full attention to your fitness goals.  If you decide to just swing by, please be aware that we are a small staff, and our coaches are busy giving their full attention to our athletes.  If you decide to join we are sure you will appreciate that attention.  We do not have a front desk staff, or a membership consultant.  So our coaches wear all of those hats.  So if you come in, they can give you at most about 5-10 min. of information about our program if you show up without setting an appointment first.  

If you would like to call us, please do.  If you left an audible message, we will call you back within 24 hours (on weekdays) or within 72 hours (on weekends/Holidays).  You could also use our contact form here.  If you plan to start the same day, please be aware there is no free trial here.  We have those several starter intro options for you, as well as all of our regular rates for the more experienced CrossFitter or gym goer.  We look forward to serving your fitness needs.  

What does my membership get me?

We have tried to answer this question here, but let's give a more detailed answer.  Our one week trail gives you seven consecutive days to come to one CrossFit class per day.  You may come to any listed class time once per day for seven consecutive days from the day you sign up.  No Open Gym sessions or Nutrition Sessions are included in this membership.  

Our 3x per week membership gives you access to three CrossFit classes per week out of the six days a week we are open.  You also get one Open Gym session per week out of the three that we offer.  All of our 3x per week memberships are monthly fees.

Our unlimited membership gives you access for up to six CrossFit classes per week out of the six days a week we are open.  You also get access to all three Open Gym sessions. All of our unlimited memberships are monthly fees.

All of our CrossFit classes last roughly 75 minutes (from the 15 minutes prior to class through the stretching cool down).  Athletes should expect quality instruction through strength movements, they should expect the coaches to scale them as or if needed to meet their current fitness level and ensure the intended stimulus of the workout, and they should expect to move with the flow of class.

Why Should you choose us? 

Why should you choose this facility over others?  Three simple reasons:


You cannot fake experience; it only comes with time and hard work.  There are 81 CrossFit affiliates in Maryland, however; only 2 facilities in all of Maryland are 10 year CrossFit affiliates, and Southern Maryland CrossFit is one of them.  All of our coaches have at least 5 years of CrossFit experience, and we have three coaches with 10+years of CrossFit experience.  There are seven USA Powerlifting clubs in Maryland, and this facility has one of them.  Our coaches have been programming for, coaching at, and sending lifters to powerlifting (contested & judged squat, bench, & deadlift) meets since 2011.  There are 21 USA Weightlifting clubs in Maryland, and yet again this facility has one of them.  Our coaches have been programming for, coaching at, and sending lifters to weighlifting (contested & judged snatch and clean & jerk) meets since 2009.  There is only one facility in Maryland that is a CrossFit affiliate, has a USAPL club, and has a USAW club; Southern Maryland CrossFit.  Our gym has a unified vision of fitness that builds on these three interconnected disciplines.

Many other facilities have replaced the word “results” with the word “fun.”  This is because they cannot deliver one hundred plus dollars a month worth of results.  Those places will fill your time with games they saw on Instagram and sub-par, self-scaling programming coupled with mediocre coaching and minimal guidance.  We believe that you have to enjoy the training and can have fun during the process of self-improvement; that your training should be taken seriously, and your two most valuable resources, time and money, are treated with the seriousness that it deserves.

We do not have coach or athlete anomalies who follow secret squirrel programs to get better and then have our affiliate claim their success as our own, instead all our coaches and athletes follow our affiliate programming.  So while they are the ones doing the hard work, they are following our guidance in the form of coaching and programming.

We have put more individual athletes in the top 200 and have placed our affiliate team inside the top 60 of the Mid-Atlantic region more than any other facility in the tri-county area since the inception of the CrossFit Games Open.  We are the only facility in the tri-county area to have athletes compete at the CrossFit Games Regionals.  We are also the only facility in the area to have athletes finish on the podium in the RX division of the two largest CrossFit competitions outside of Regionals; SuperFit Games and the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge (MAAC).  We have also qualified more Masters (35+) athletes to the AGOQ (age group online qualifier) more times than any other local facility.

We have qualified and sent more athletes to USAW national and international events than any other local facility.  We also have more Maryland Potomac Valley LWC past and current record holders than any local facility.  This facility is the only one to have both a Men’s and Women’s Team podium at a USAW national event.  We also have produced more podium spots at USAW national events than any other facility and have qualified lifters to a USAW national event every year since 2014.

We have qualified and sent more athletes to USAPL national events than any other local faclity.  We also have more current and past USAPL Maryland State record holders than any other local facility.  We have qualified lifters to USAPL national events every year since 2015.

The beauty of these results listed above  is that we did this with you, the regular adult who walked through our doors just wanting to look better naked.  These results come from your hard work and our guidance through coaching and programming to better help you unlock your athletic potential.

Now, you may be thinking “I don’t want to be competitive in the sports of CrossFit, weightlifting, or powerlifting.”  You just want to look better naked.  You are like most people, and to better serve you our coaches have the most (legit) certifications of any tri-county facility to get you to your coals.  Most people come to us as regular adults who have tried and failed to get the results they were after at a commercial gym alone or with a trainer.  Our current athletes have a wide range of jobs, responsibilities, ages, ability levels, and body types, just like you.  We have high school and collegiate athletes; military, police, and first responders; government workers; construction workers; teachers and administrators; medical and technology professionals; and stay at home mothers/fathers.  These athletes share a common bond ofhard work and seeking self-improvement through fitness with the guidance of our coaches.

Don’t think that is true?  Well, we are the only local facility to be sought out and featured on two nationally televised programs, CBS’s The Doctors and ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss.  We have setup successful nutrition challenges and we actually teach clients how to eat to sustain weight and body fat losses in a real world environment; we don’t push supplements on to you to try to pad our revenue stream.  Instead we teach you how to eat by matching up your current level of training and lifestyle.  We have both single session Nutrition Counseling and also our monthly Nutritional Coaching to help you smash your goals and become the best sustainable version of yourself!

We offer the most individualized programming in small group training that you can get.  Our Fitness, Performance, and Sport programming allows you to get the most appropriate training for your current fitness level.  Couple that with our Supplemental Individualized Programming and you can attach your goals even better.

We look forward to seeing you come take advantage of our experience and expertise to get the results you have been missing!