Memberships & schedule


This is our regular class schedule, however please check our Facebook page for closings and special class times around holidays and for incliment weather we follow Charles County School closings for all am classes.  We ask that our athletes (including new athletes and possible drop-ins) show up 15 min. prior to the listed class time to properly start coach led class warmups.  Our classes are roughly 75 min. blocks from the 15 min. prior to the listed class time to 60 min. after the listed class time.  

we are closed weekdays from 12:00pm-2:30pm

monday        11am _ 4pm _ 5:15pm _ 6:15pm _ 7:15pm

Tuesday       11AM _ 4PM _ 5:15PM _ 6:15PM _ 7:15PM

Wednesday 11AM _ 4PM _ 5:15PM _ 6:15PM _ 7:15PM

Thursday    11AM _ 4PM _ 5:15PM _ 6:15PM _ 7:15PM

Friday           11AM _ 4PM

Saturday    9:30am

Sunday        closed


Current specials

$65-Youth unlimited training. This is for students and people age 15-25.  High school, college, recent college graduates, or anyone under 26 may train with us on this student special.  If you are under 18 your parent or guardian must sign you up for this.  This is a $65.00 monthly fee.  For a detailed description click here.

$100-New Year New You Special.  This is for anyone who wants to get 30 consecutive days of unlimited CrossFit classes with us for only $100.  If you are simply consistent with us and complete 12 classes within those 30 days you can earn a $25.00 credit towards your next month's dues.  For a more detailed description click here.

Introductory Crossfit memberships

$40-One week trial.  You can try us out for minimal cost and minimal commitment.  You may come to any of our regular classes each day.  This membership starts the day you sign up and runs for seven consecutive days.

$120-CrossFit Elements.  This is a scaled down version of our regular classes, done one on one with a coach.  You DO NOT have to do this before starting any trial membership with us, but this is recommended for those who feel intimidated in a regular gym or CrossFit class setting.  It is four classes each lasting a maximum of one hour, you must complete all four within two weeks of purchase.  Click here for a more detailed description of these classes.  Please use our contact form here if you are interested in this package.

Month To Month Crossfit MEMBERships

$185-Our 3x per week monthly membership rate.  Get access to any 3 of our regular CrossFit group classes and one open gym session per week.

$195-Our most popular membership is our unlimited monthly membership rate.  Never miss a workout or your favorite lift with this package.  You can come to one of our CrossFit group classes per day, as well as all open gym sessions.

Longer Term Crossfit Memberships

$175-Our 3 month 3x per week monthly membership rate.  Save $10 a month compared to month to month 3x per week rate.

$175-Our 1 year unlimited monthly membership rate.  Save $20 a month compared to our month to month unlimited rate.  

$185-Our 6 month unlimited monthly membership rate.  Save $10 a month compared to our month to month unlimited rate.

*all memberships other than drop-ins and week trials require a card or checking account on file*

We have Open Gym on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 2:30pm-4pm.  There are no other Open Gym times.  Open gym is only for current members who have memberships with us other than the week trial.  3x per week memberships & any specials give you access to one Open Gym session per week, regular unlimited memberships give you access to three Open Gym sessions per week.

we offer a 10% discount to all active LEO, Firefighter, EMs, & military on All of our regular (non-introductory & Specials) crossfit memberships

Additional programs we offer

Personal training

We offer both one-on-one personal training and small group (3 or less) personal training.  We have 1x per week, 2x per week, and 3x per week 30 minute or 1 hour sessions.  You do not have to have a current CrossFit membership to take advantage of these sessions.  Please use our contact form here or call us to speak about your goals before signing up for this program so we can put you with a coach that will fit your needs and goals.

Child add on

$50-Our monthly membership for children whose parents already have a membership with us.  Children 12-19 can be added on to your account and come the same number of days you do.  You must have a regular membership for your child to be enrolled in this.

Individualized programming

$30-Our monthly membership fee for individualized supplemental programming.  This is a 3 month commitment and is only  for our current members.  Do you feel like you need more than 75 minutes in the box?  You must have been coming consistently 3x per week for 2 months before doing this.  Get 2-4 extra hours each week to work on what YOU want to get better at; programmed by our expert coaches.  Click here for a detailed description of this.

$95-Our monthly fee for individualized stand alone programming.  This is a 3 month commitment for past or non-members who have their own access to workout equipment (whether at home, another CrossFit gym, or commercial gym) and are looking to improve their fitness in whatever they choose.  Athletes may choose CrossFit, powerlifting, weightlifting, or any hybrid style program with a specific focus as they see fit.  Athletes looking to do this should use our contact form to be put into contact with the correct coach to service their exercise needs before signing up for this program.  

Nutrition services

$20-Nutrition session.  A 30-60 minute nutrition session is open to any member looking for more guidance on which is the right lifestyle dietary change for them to pursue coupled with our exercise regime.  We offer a sitdown with one of our experienced nutritional coaches to guide you through which dietary change would best suite your current life, and then set you up for success with that dietary change so you can successfully apply it to your life and reach your aesthetic and/or performance goals.

$50-Our monthly fee for nutrition counseling.  This builds on our nutrition session and is a 3 month commitment.  This is two nutrition counseling sessions (30-60 min.) per month and weekly diet check ins based on the dietary recommendations we believe (and you agree that) best suit your current lifestyle and exercise programming.  Athletes looking to do this should speak to a coach or use our contact form to be put into contact with the correct coach to service their nutrition needs before signing up for this program.


Although the vast majority of drop-ins are respectful and on time; we no longer offer drop-on services for out of town affiliate members due to a trending number of people who think they can do whatever they want in our gym while exhibiting late and rude behavior while disrupting the flow of class.  If you are an out of town affiliate member, feel free to use the affiliate finder on to find a place to workout.   .